Frank Wolf
Local Mazomanie Historian
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Ghost Town Dover and the British Temperance Emigration Society

I have researched and written a comprehensive book on Dover, the ghost town once located along the current US Highway 14, between Mazomanie and Arena, Wisconsin. The soft cover 8 1/2 x 11 inch book of 320 pages includes a CD of 380 pages presenting genealogical research of over four thousand people related to the Dover area.

The frontier hamlet was settled by the British Temperance Emigration Society in 1843 and existed approximately thirty years. It began to be abandoned in 1855 as the railroad was built across Wisconsin bypassing Dover. Dover was a ghost town by 1870. Town population peaked at 215 people in 1855 with three dozen significant buildings.

The detailed book includes many tables, pictures and covers the ghost town's founding, the first years, its industry and agriculture. Early frontier justice is described from the Justice of the Peace's own notes. A listing is made of the 480 persons known to be Dover residents, where they came from and where they went. Brief biographies of one hundred Dover area families are reviewed. Favorite son inventor, John Appleby's life and family are summarized. Later Dover activities are also covered.

The history of the British Temperance Emigration Society is also presented in this book, including a membership list of 937 people. It was founded in Liverpool in 1842 and expanded over the next three years. Only one in six members immigrated to Wisconsin from 1845 to 1849. The immigration is described with many stories of the trip across the Atlantic. Later problems and the demise of the Society are investigated. Biographies of the four significant Society organizers and Wisconsin managers are presented.

More detailed biographies of the Dover area families are digitized in the compact disk included with the book. Family heads, their children and grandchildren are identified with specific dates, locations and occupations. An index was developed to aid in finding the over 4,000 relatives.

The book is available from the author and through this web site. Cost is $24.95 for pick up and by mail with a $5 shipping and handling cost.

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